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I am currently exploring options in both industry and academia following my graduation in May 2020. Within industry, I am seeking a company that will allow me grow my skills and that works on applications of mobile robotics. I am also considering PhD positions in robotics with a focus on AI planning and control. If you are interested in hiring, please contact me!

A classmate and I troubleshooting an issue with our two-wheeled self-balancing robot.


  • Strong technical skills with substantial theoretical foundations in control, machine learning, and planning
  • Experienced and effective programming team leader in professional and academic settings
  • Effective communicator with peers and professional stakeholders
  • Skilled at maintaining efficiency and accuracy across multiple projects simultaneously¬†
  • Effective communicator with peers and professional stakeholders

Contact Me

Craig Knuth

1212 Engineering Research Building 2
2200 Bonisteel Blvd
Ann Arbor, MI 48109

Cell: 651-206-3510
Email: cknuth@umich.edu